We All Scream For Local Ice Cream

Add ice cream to the list of local Connecticut food we should be especially proud of. You’ll find shops making great-quality ice cream in every city and town in the state. One of the most beloved of those shops is Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby. Ice cream maker Eliza Florian is our guest for the hour. Listeners can call and talk to Eliza about where she finds inspiration for offbeat flavors like roasted garlic and bacon ice creams. You can ask about the classics, too. Or the science behind ice cream making. And, we want to hear about your favorite ice cream spots. Is there a shop you’ll drive an hour for? Are you into big bubble cones or rolled ice cream? Do you make ice cream at home?

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Robyn Doyon-Aitken and Catie Talarski produced this show. 

Eliza Florian – Owner and ice cream maker at Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby, Conn.

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