Tips For Homemade Pizza + The Best New Haven Pizzerias

Pepe's Pizzeria

Pepe’s Pizzeria. Photo: Krista / Flickr (Creative Commons)

*** NOTE: This show originally aired October 1, 2020. ***

The flour is flyin’ and the oven is a hot 500 degrees! This week on Seasoned, tips for making pizza from scratch at home. Don’t you want to know how to get those yummy bubbles on the crust? And, a conversation with pizza historian Colin Caplan about his new project, Pizza, A Love Story, the indie film taking a deep dive into the history and the families behind the three pizza shops that made New Haven famous: Sally’s, Pepe’s, and Modern. Plus, we check in with a few neighborhood pizza joints from around the state and share your Instagram shout-outs for the best local pizza.

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Robyn Doyon-Aitken and Catie Talarski produced this show.

Louise Joseph – owner of Dough Girls Pizza Truck in Greenwich
Colin Caplan – author of Pizza in New Haven and producer of Pizza, A Love Story. Colin is also an owner of Elm City Party Bike and owner/culinary tour guide at Taste of New Haven.
Pete DeBisschop – owner of Pop’s Pizza in Cheshire
Jeff Browning – partner and brewmaster at Brewport in Bridgeport
Laurie McCollum – owner of Lorenzo’s Restaurant in Sandy Hook
Meriah Tani – manager of Lorenzo’s Restaurant

Pizza, A Love Story is available now.  Check Facebook for information and screenings. (
Louise Joseph, owner of Dough Girls Pizza Truck
Pete DeBisschop, owner of Pop's Pizza in Cheshire, poses with his wife Chris and the Cheshire Ram.
Jeff Browning is a partner and brewmaster at  Brewport in Bridgeport
Lorenzo's Restaurant in Sandy Hook has been a family business since 1926.  Laurie McCollum is the current owner.

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