The Changing Landscape Of Organized Labor In America

Tim Rasmussen / Connecticut Public

Earlier this year, workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama made national news when they announced their intentions to unionize. While the union vote failed, the news is part of a renewed effort to raise working standards across the country.

Despite the traditional picture of the white male union worker, today unions are more diverse than ever before. Black Americans are more likely to be members of a union than any other ethic group.

This hour on Disrupted, we speak to the chief economist for the labor department about black employment in America. We also talk with a researcher on the history and future of unions. And finally, we hear about long term health care workers in Connecticut fighting for better wages.


  • Janelle Jones, Chief Economist for the Department of Labor
  • Steven C. Pitts, Former Associate Chair at the UC Berkeley Labor Center, and host of the podcast Black Work Talk
  • Nicole Leonard, Health Reporter for Connecticut Public Radio

Disrupted is produced by Catie Talarski, James Szkobel-Wolff, Anna Elizabeth and Zshekinah Collier.

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