How to Sear Scallops + Ocean Farming in Connecticut

Suzie Flores of Stonington Kelp Co. harvesting her crop to sell to local restaurants. This batch likely went to OKO Kitchen in Westport. Photo: Elizabeth Ellenwood

If you close your eyes and imagine a farm in Connecticut, you’re likely seeing a red barn, stalks of corn, bushels of greens, berries, and fruit frees. This week on Seasoned: Imagine a different kind of farming. Instead of rich, earthy dirt, think: salty sea air. We talk to Will Ceddia, co-owner of Sixpenny Oyster Farm in Noank and Suzie Flores, co-owner of Stonington Kelp Company about what it’s like growing seafood. Plus, Dan Meiser of Oyster Club in Mystic explains what makes local oysters so special. But to start the show off, a lesson home cooks of every skill level will appreciate: Chef Plum explains how to sear scallops perfectly.

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Robyn Doyon-Aitken and Catie Talarski produced this show.

Dan Meiser – Owner of Oyster Club, Engine Room, and Grass & Bone in Mystic
Will Ceddia – Oyster farmer and co-owner of Sixpenny Oyster Farm in Noank
Suzie Flores – Co-owner of Stonington Kelp Company in Stonington

Dan Meiser of Oyster Club. Photo: Courtesy Oyster Club
Suzie Flores of Stonington Kelp Co. Photo by Elizabeth Ellenwood
Will Ceddia of Sixpenny Oyster Farm. Photo Courtesy Oyster Club

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