Chef Chrissy Tracey + Women On Food

Chef Chrissy Tracey. Photo by Steve Walter

Chef Chrissy Tracey. Photo by Steve Walter 

Get to know local chef and entrepreneur Chrissy Tracey. Chrissy owns a catering company, a healthy meal-prep service, and she’s just been hired by Bon Appétit to host cooking videos for their Test Kitchen series. We talk with Chrissy about what inspires her cooking and her quest to perfect the vegan pizza. She’s working on it! Plus, Charlotte Druckman’s anthology, Women On Food, amplifies the voices of women chefs and food writers. The anthology includes essays, interviews, and Q&As from more than 100 writers, chefs, critics, and TV stars. . .all women in the food world whose experiences truly run the gamut.

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Zshekinah Collier and Joseph Vazquez contributed to this show. Robyn Doyon-Aitken and Catie Talarski produced this show.

Chrissy Tracey – Owner of Chrissy’s, a plant-based catering company, and Vegan Vibes Meal Prep. She’s also a video host for the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen series.

Charlotte Druckman – Journalist, food writer, and creator of Food52’s Tournament of Cookbooks (a.k.a. The Piglet). She’s the author (and co-author) of several cookbooks, and the editor of the anthology Women On Food.

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