Big Tech And The Social Media “Free Speech Wars”

Akshar Dave/Unsplash

Violence at the U.S. Capitol was a turning point for social media companies moderating online content. Former President Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter, and the Parler app was banned from Apple, Google, and Amazon platforms.

But with this increasing moderation, many are questioning this new uncharted power, and how far these companies can go to impose content policies.

This hour on Disrupted, we hear about this new front in the “free speech wars.” We’ll also hear about Clubhouse, a new audio-only app that is making ripples in the technology world.


  • Gilad Edelman –  politics writer with WIRED
  • Salavador Rodriguez –  CNBC technology reporter covering Facebook and social media
  • Avé Rivera – West Haven artist and small business owner

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