Apple Season: Favorite Local Orchards, Cider Donuts + More

Vermont Cider Donuts recipe by Amy Traverso from The Apple Lover's Cookbook

Where is your favorite local apple orchard? Who makes the best apple cider donuts? Should a tart apple like the Sierra Beauty star in your pie—or should you go for a sweet variety, like Golden Delicious, Jazz or Jonagold? If you’ve got a question about apples, or you just want to shout-out your favorite pick-your-own farm, or apple-studded donuts, join the conversation. Amy Traverso, author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is our guest for the whole hour. We want to know how you cook with apples. Have a tip for making homemade apple butter or better still—a mulled cider? Share it with us! Autumn is here, and there are plenty of delicious ways to get your “apple a day.” Amy, our guide to cooking and eating apples, shares apple recipes (including apple cider donuts), apple pie tips, and a savory apple supper.

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Robyn Doyon-Aitken and Catie Talarski produced this show.

Amy Traverso – Senior food editor at Yankee magazine, co-host of Weekends with Yankee, and author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook: The Classic Guide to Cooking and Eating Apples

Featured Recipes:
Apple and Chestnut Stuffed Pork Loin with Cider Sauce
Vermont Cider Donuts
Blue Ribbon Deep Dish Apple Pie
Chef Plum’s Inside Out Apple Pie
Chef Plum’s Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail

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